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Escorts? [18+]
if you wanna save 400 euro, travel to eastern Europe and get a 5 star class escort for 100 eur
Gym question
Gym question
Are you retarded? He didn't say that they are useless, he say that performing them with retarded form and weights you can't move is dangerous. He actually advises on doing them.
Gym question
Squats engage the abs, traps, romboids, delts, biceps, lats, erectors and many, many more upper body muscles. So not the only exercise that does this.
Gym question
If done correctly, DLs will even improve your lower back health. Many people with bulging discs, scolios, etc., have cured their pain by increasing their strength on deadlifts.
Gym question
Rack pulls are fucking shit for hypertrophy, yes they have carryover pulls from the ground but you will barely grow from them. Heavy rack pulls will hit your CNS hard and you will need a lot of time t...
Fast AWPers?
Zeus?? It's bait mens))
r8 me !
Indians cant be over 2/10
How to lose weight
Shit more on the streets
smallest pro
gym routine
no such thing as "functional" strength
gym routine
he doesn't need 531, he just needs to learn how to execute the compound movements and increase weight linearly every time he does them
gym routine
"Starting Strength" is a book, not a term
gym routine
Man, it seems like you are completely new. In that case search for Starting Strength routine and watch all of Mark Rippetoe's vids or even better, read the book Starting Strength.
gym routine