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immigrants in ur country
In our country, there are like 20 immigrants and there was never a problem with them, but people are still toxic about them and dont want to take some more... +1 for Germany, they take all the immigr...
StarLadder quality
It is not gonna be in China. It will be in Berlin in Germany...
[18+] hot girls?
Hungary for sure. I always meet Hungarians in Austria while having a holiday for skiing and they always behave really badly and dont care about the others... Sorry for all good people who live there, ...
The least Age?
16 for voting won’t be good, most of the people do not know anything about politics even when they are 18 (that’s the age to vote in my country)
No scene countries
S1mple is just pope in mask...
Any league to join? [FANTASY]
+1 also looking for
device top 1 lmao
NAF deserves top10 for sure
Well, you are probably right. It is really hard to consider the results over all the year. Twistzz is now a monster, but Naf is great and also consistent, that makes him deadly.
NAF deserves top10 for sure
Twistzz is definitely better and I think there wont be space for Naf in top10, but he surelly deserves to be in top 20 list.
French scene is just so complicated, there are so many players who hate each other and do not want to play in one team. I think that Shox dont like Kio, that is the reason. It is stupid, but it is par...
Christians come here
Pork is not forbiden for Christians, it is for Muslims xd