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Arent short girls unattractive?
wtf no lol. tall women belong on the basketball court not in the club
Vilay vs Fantastic
Bustem with more than 20 frags over two maps wtfff
Top 3 AWP in your country
mou spellfull ramzik lol
RIP Jamppi
If it's not a CS:GO ban why would they not sign him? He can still play major if its from css
facts that ppl deny?
capitalism kills
New LiquiD
autimatic is kinda washed up rn tbh
Antifa truth (antifa supporter rekt)
antifa is just a bunch of twig boy liberals LARPing as if they are making a difference or something. most have never read a page of theory in their life and know nothing about communism, they just wan...
Antifa truth (antifa supporter rekt)
lol basic neoliberal clown that spews "woke" bs but is too afraid to call out capitalism as the biggest evil that is plaguing our society
[TIP] How to trigger your country ?
when I came to America everyone was always smiling and random strangers would say hello on the street/subway/whatever. I thought it was weird at first but you get used to it after a while
status quo neoliberal dems will be the death of america. anyone other than sanders (also potentially biden if he manages to hold his sanity until the general, doubtful tho) loses to trump here in 2020...
AVANGAR vs Besiktas
they were getting destroyed by literal lvl 9-10 faceit mixteams. they might win a few rounds here but only because avangar play with bizons or some shit, even then i doubt it
EURO2020 winner?
Favorites: Netherlands, Germany, France Dark Horse: England, Ukraine Outsider: Belgium, Portugal
https://twitter.com/tenz_cs/status/898129171313868800?lang=en he cheating on osu too kappa
TenZ aimkey fail
it is super blatant if you set it to lock to head. most have it set to slightly off the body
flusha cheated at some point
its brothers karamazov