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Valorant fans come here
NA: TenZ, Wardell, sinatraa EU: mixwell, zyppan, scream, ardiis Asia and BR have some good players, xand is really good in BR scene
3rd season was still alright it was the 4th season when aaron mcgruder left that the show went downhill
US Dems = EU Leftist
rep = eu far right dem = eu center right there is no real leftist party in the US, only joke parties like the PSL or the cucked green
faroe islands user come here
did you watch klaksvik 6-1 dinamo tbilisi earlier
Your csgo warmup.
i just play diabotical instagib ffa dm or osu! to warmup, loosen my wrists + warm up my hands. aim prac is only good for shitters tbh, after a certain point it just becomes a waste of time
TIGER vs Checkmate
ez throw to help mongolian brethren
diabotical and csgo
diabotical is hype but rocket spam and lg knockback clearly needs some balancing. very new tho, so ill give it time. 2v2 is fun with a friend also instagib ffa is easily the best warmup mode out ther...
Phrases in your language that only native speakers can understand
There are phrases in my dialect that even native speakers wouldn't understand lmao. If I speak my dialect anywhere outside of my hometown people literally do not understand me. Even people in towns 20...
The csgo scene in your country
PC gaming is pretty dead in Japan anyway, everyone just plays shitty mobile gacha games or is a Nintendo/console gamer + everyone in China and Korea just played those shitty CS knock offs like Crossfi...
The csgo scene in your country
100% dead. Everyone plays Valorant or some play Rainbow 6 and OW still. I am not exaggerating when I say there is a very good chance you will never see a Japanese CS match on HLTV again. 2 best roster...
hes been washed since 2019 lmao