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nice aug nerf
its back to how it was. they just lowered it temporarily to entice people into using it, and hoping they stick with it after they change it back
Absolute vs G2
Laz will clap g2, but g2 will win pretty handily. individual skill gap is just too large imo
please. krizzen is a total onliner. "support player" isnt an excuse when his aim just goes to total shit on lan
Absolute vs TNC
easiest match Absolute could have gotten, don't screw this up
Liquid vs ENCE
damn i cant believe it took me this long to realize you were baiting. finnish flag so i thought you were genuinely retarded like the rest of them. continue baiting my high iq gamer friend
Liquid vs ENCE
imagine if teams seeded someone like C9 #1. they get easy opponents because of their seed and get an easy path to top 8. just because they made it to top 8 do you think they deserve it? even if they p...
Liquid vs ENCE
they wouldntve made it to top 8 if they played any decent teams, which they shouldve if they were seeded properly (around #10)
Liquid vs ENCE
g2 are trash. true that they cant decide who they play, its all on the other teams' fault who mistakenly seeded this overrated af team #8. extremely easy path to the playoffs, when avangar is the best...
Liquid vs ENCE
2-0 Liquid. Ence are actually going to get their shit kicked in. 14 rounds max this entire series. ENCE totally undeserved spot, beat G2, HR, and AVANGAR LOOOL
2990 vs EHOME
the weirdest mix of nationalities ever i think. wtf
Is this 16-0 even surprising
no, c9 are honestly just as bad as coL, easily worst or 2nd worst team here. mibr game was just a fluke ofc 16-0 is always a little unexpected at a major, but it wouldve been surprising if they got e...
Liquid vs AVANGAR
did they really seed bot9 higher than avangar
rough game for avangar but winnable. g2 arent that good
that was my pick, chinese and CIS teams like vici and winstrike are always good for one bullshit upset victory because theyre unpredictable and have crazy aim. furia wasnt impressive at the NA minor e...
Ignis vs Absolute
hopefully -reita -take +oitan +neth soon. shame to see 5 best JP players split up between two teams