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Girls [14+]
I am not 'men' for you, little burger. Beauty has a very tight boundaries. Be careful before you get in for somebody.
Girls [14+]
He's not wrong completely.
Girls [14+]
Yeah but not in a way that they'd be hurt. But you're right, they only have themselves to blame for their appearance. We can't really fix much about our height. They'll be laughed over, not us.
music help
They can enjoy a pile of shit on the street but I'm not a selfish dumbhead who will use "why should I care?" card all the time. Music has a direct impact and influence on the listener and depending on...
music help
The only argument you ever have is "music is subjective", that's all you could ever say. I wrote paragraphs everytime to no avail, never received any sufficient reply but wasted time on that. I bet my...
Stairway to Heaven vs Bohemian Rhapsody
The most infamous and classic structure would be AABA(BA). If we're talking about popular music but I agree that it should be the way it is, it became an iconic tune.
Founding fathers
Same crap at this point. You've given birth to that pest which is killing Europe now but yourselves staying aside and laughing at them now. Honorless yanks as always. They would rather go full Russian...
music help
What would you know about music to get involved on such a topic? Pass pubescene first.
music help
But electronic styles are destructive and the least skillful and of course, soulful. Don't do it bro.
music help
Electronic music is not worth of your attention. Give real music a chance, you'll be so much happier.
Founding fathers
They'd vomit right on spot and get back to England straight away.
Girls under 175 should be deported
Short girls are cuter and more lovely so it's all beneficial for the world. Stay weirdo over there.
Vote to match!!!!
Lazy to... I hope my Pick'Em swifts along with me.
Global Pick'em
Pretty boring to be honest but I really try to guess both 3-0 and 0-3, that's the difference friendo!
Global Pick'em
I smell coward's tactic here once again. Selling souls for small benefit. Nowaday's values!