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BIG lineup should be banned too
The jump bug was used by almost everyone in that time, it was know. The difference between the teams was that BIG found so many spots to do the jump bug that a lot of teams didnt know were possible. B...
NIce thread man, finally someone comes up with something new. ZzzZzZzZZZ
Overwatch ban
https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=680&v=N0OiOiqmi-c&feature=emb_title Look at this Video. Hackers managed to exploit OW and can get banned everyone involved in an OW case. Not just the sus...
Overwatch ban
https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=680&v=N0OiOiqmi-c&feature=emb_title Take a look at this Video. This is actually an insane OW Exploit used by cheaters to OW ban innocent people. Scary shit.
Overwatch ban
ah okay, didnt know that!
Overwatch ban
But it is still an overwatch ban i guess :D Do you get notification for what you have been OW banned?
Overwatch ban
Your question was if its possible to get a OW ban even though you are legit. I just took them as an example.
Overwatch ban
It is possible. Fl0m and Pimp got overwatch ban as well and i think they are probably not cheating :D
GLHF! Really hope to see 3 close hard fought maps! Hopefully no team will stomp the other! But if, I hope BIG stomps Vitality! :D #GoBIG
BIG and Vitality
They dont have Gob B on the Server they have tow B on the server, their actual coach.
Pretty dope actually. Gzuz' part ist echt nice.
big top 5
They are climbing the ranks since the beginning of 2020. They won both lans attended, big wins in ESL Pro league (Fnatic, NAVI) then losing 3 matches in a row stupidly and now they seem to be pretty ...
Big is not a fluke team?
I dont know how they want to make that happen. All BIG events are banned till October in Germany.