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NiP vs BIG
Does new rating include impact? Or other stats you cant see like opening duels etc
top 10 2019
I might be bias but especially with a good pro league I definitely think jks makes it. Hes been a monster especially in playoff stages
100t fluke run
Azr is fine most of the time lots of clutch plays and since he took over IGL the team has improved a lot. Grat and liazz when they are switched on win so many big rounds. The issue is now we know that...
100t fluke run
They haven't won any yet but everyone knows they're constantly been getting better and better as has been seen over the last 2 years. Remember how long astralis were chokers as TSM? Took the NIP Fnati...
Esports Ranked 1-5
Do you count console as an E-sport? COD still has a pretty big following, I'd say more follow cod than say rocket league or rainbow but that's a guess
G2 vs NiP
Both these teams should really progress. It's a big choke if they dont
most disturbing video you have ever seen?
I once saw a man disrespect a women. I hope to never see it again, it was disgusting
astrails astrails astrails...
Nuke hasnt even been astralis looking amazing tbh. Has just been glave shitting on everyone
100t fluke run
Except they were already good before krieg meta? Already did better than way better than faze omegalul
FaZe Clan
Nbk is so washed up of an IGL screw that. Niko and cold wouldnt listen to him. Just give them time. Still a new roster
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Jks top 1 world
Jks hard carried well before krieg meta. Nice try
JKS match of his life
Hes nutty
JKS match of his life
Most analysts agree hes one of the best raw aimers and clutchers in the game but sure you keep telling yourself that
Justin Savage
Well that's just silly. Jks on his day is s1mple/zywhoo level. Hes actually nuts