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Top-5 best pure aimers
Electronic Niko S1mple Zywoo Jks/ropz cant decide
JW a legend
Device is a meme but even the people who like to joke about him would consider him a csgo legend. I fucking hate the danes and mock device regularly but if I ever had to legitimately choose some names...
honest mibr fan
+1 millon
honest mibr fan
Its like for me I have 3 favourite teams. Fnatic, 100t and NiP. Fnatic and 100t I'll always support but I only support nip because of forest. If he left I wouldnt be interested in them at all
Very relieved they didnt choke that
skill in games
My most mastered game was the original starwars battlefront 2. I was a monster and still am when I rarely pop on, even with stupid high ping Tf2 any class I can pub to a high level. In competitive I ...
skill in games
I never enjoyed the euro tf2 scene as much. Found NA much more fun to watch but loved the iseries lans where it was immunity from aus I think mixup and whatever b4nnys team was at the time. Great watc...
Congrats on the first job mate. Chances are you're not going to like it much but you can enjoy the feeling of getting paid and having some money to do stuff that you want to. All of my most successful...
spotify premium
Good service, handy. All the people who tell you to download your music are obviously never in social situations where people want a variety of music haha. If you're working then theres no reason to n...
Top 1 CS:GO player of 2019?
I think individually hes one of the best in the world but he will only just make top 10 if hes lucky. Mainly just because they never really made it far in knockouts except the majors. Plus the whole ...
top5 games your opinion
Nah I'm too edgy to support the only triple A mobile game
top5 games your opinion
1. Candy crush saga 2. Pokemon go 3. Flappy bird 4. Doodle jump 5. Farmville
Literally the biggest scam out. I love putting a bet on a game since I get more invested in it but it's only spare cash. Sometimes I get big wins, often I'll lose. The big wins have been enough to ke...
Mens do you prefer crossfit training or lifting weights?
I prefer weig Get best results when I do a good mixture of free weights and bodyweight exercises. Dont limit yourself to one type of training. Variety is good for muscle growth or so I've been told. I...