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2019 NiP
lmao esl logic
The ESL has no influence on the prize money of the major. Even if they would want to raise it, it'll be Valve's choice in the end. So if Valve doesn't want to change the prize pool, ESL has no choice ...
ninja's setup is crazy
Never said it's more expensive overall!? Quote: "one of the most expensive" Only the PC's itself are more expensive than Ninjas PC's. The cameras costs ~$6,000 each btw. 3*6,000=18,000. nooky's PC's...
f0rest immune to effects of aging ?
... and talent! f0rest compared to GTR f. e. has a really hugh talent, in general. Like GTR said himself in old interviews.
ninja's setup is crazy
Even if he is only a "smaller" german CSGO-Streamer / Ex-Pro-Player, this is one of the most expensive streaming-equipment out there, in my opinion: And (wh...
New cache leaked
best lineup in ur nation
Does tabsen actually speak polish? By that logic you also can't count players like Pott1 as swedish, Tarik/Stewe/automatic as american f. e.
I hope so. Otherwise there should be no time for a WW III, no border to the rest of the world or a greater-america (after the military assimilation of canada, europe etc.)
Who is the GOAT of CSGO?
Germany just has no good players. But germany has one of the biggest scenes out there. I think the main problem in germany is, that there are very less dedicated players, the internet is like in a 3 w...
Polish cs
esport is dying
when FaZe will stop baiting
Same goes for mibr and Tarik imo. Maybe Adren is only a stand-in for the major, and s1mple will join after it?
ROG nooky vs ROG ceh9
Never heard about 5balls or Syman either, which he called semi-pro-teams. 5balls isn't even on liquipedia. Wise Wizards and Ayb are teams, who compete in the
ROG nooky vs ROG ceh9
Yeah, you are right, but nooky is no No-Namer(CS-Source mainly): And devraNN and delkore https://liquipedia....
LVL 6 faceit good ?
NA CS :-)