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I think what he wanted to say is, that ence would have lost 16 to -4 and 16 to -2 in this match today against. Ence is totally washed up, since they brought sunny in.
germany got talent
She is from Australia btw. Maybe she should have stayed there.
AirPods pro
Yeah, but I‘m looking for some good noise cancelling and waterproof inear headphones atm., too. Has someone an advice for me? I use Android btw.
Volkswagen Pkw, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati, Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge, Scania and MAN belongs to them. I see no irrelevant companies there tbh.
fer to play despite scooter accident injury
I really hope for them, that he can really play with his injury. Otherwise they have to play with zews for some more month maybe.
fer to play despite scooter accident injury
ec2-b ///// HELP
the new ec2 is better
Stop inviting NIP
Same goes for fnatic or do you really think fnatic is better with their washed up players?
EU why get mad?
These are no national teams btw. So why can't you get mad, if your favorite team lose, like it’s in every other sport too?
FaZe new player revealed
Nice info:
FaZe at New York ???
YNK will be 5th. He is the new rising star:
Brokzera or Coldy
Because he destroys his reputation on HLTV even further. And the reputation on HLTV is all that matters.
Depression and anxiety
Broken bones aren't real either, because they are an excuse of weakness, too. Normal humans are too strong to get their bones broken.
But he should have refuse that!