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tennis: many top 50 players, but 0 slam since 1983....and i don't see any new rising french star.
France WTF
Thanks for this very fresh news of the day.
Corona Italy death rate
Yes it's rly annoying. It was 99% sure the situation in France would be the same as yours in a short period of time. They were very afraid to create "panic" among the population by taking drastic me...
Most patriotic country?
Please don't label me, i could do the same about you mister: "school,is all lefty propaganda, should be 10 years about napelon 's glory and arabs sins". Pretty much everyone is a "bobo" in some ways...
Most patriotic country?
If i live in the countryside i'm disconnected from reality , if i live in Paris i'm also disconnected. Are you the only true frenchman ? You're not willing to have a conversation anyway, you have y...
Most patriotic country?
You are just off topic. we were talking about patriotism . I'm not speaking about 2/3 degree immigrants. OF course many of them are not patriotic since they don't even feel french . I'm just saying, ...
Most patriotic country?
Just because we don't have french flags in front of our houses or sing la marseillaise every day at school doesn't mean we are not "patriotic" . I'd rather not have plastic patriotism force fed down ...
Paris vs Lyon
there's no place in the first district " turning awful". Les halles is the same / slightly improving over the last few years ( it's a big transport hub, there will always be issues). i'd prefer to l...
How Apex handels being denied.
He is gonnna break zywoo's precious hand :(
Why Joker didn’t win
Parasite was great...like 5 movies in 1: comedy/thriller/social satire... Joker: you knew what to expect after 5 minutes ...still a decent movie/good acting.
Where to spend my holidays?
travelling/ jetlag with a 6 years can be tricky. I'd rent a nice place in santorini, or some nice greek island. France:Bretagne is nice, great food, nice landscapes... Not sure big cities are fun fo...