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your rent?
Safety wise or in general ? Safety: avoid most of 17 /18/19/20 districts ( except montmartre and the good 1/2 of the 17th). Rest is safe ( except maybe near the main train stations). Avoid the cham...
your rent?
Be sure to stay in a hotel located in Paris and not in the suburb. few weeks ago ,I read a thread of a guy who stayed in a hotel located in the worst ghetto , and he was complaining about "PAris".
your rent?
Yep and it's actually very difficult to find something decent to rent for a non french ( tons of documents required). Paris is worth visiting tho , especially if you have free housing with your cous...
your rent?
Yes, paris center. expensive but flat is cool: 0 noise + beautiful view.
your rent?
1250e, 33m²
GeT_RiGhT new team
GTR, scream and Ex6... + Sixer and Edward and this is your real top team.
Respect to Furia
Cool games, gg furia.
Delete 3 countries
America Asia Africa
-France -6 mp's Pick one Would'nt be a bad idea tho.
[TIP] How to trigger your country ?
If you get rid of them can we annex them to France ? They are so nice from my experience :)
It's up to you to chose if it was to help the usa, or just satisfy his thirst for power. Let's say it's both, everyone is happy this way.
Trump couldn't even put France on a map. But yeah he "looooves" France ( i mean, it's free to say so).
He is such a hero, doing this job out of the goodness of his heart
My experience of Paris
Ok thanks for the feedback. I think i'd like it. I'll give it a go next time i have a day off ( i don't want to try week end days).
My experience of Paris
What did you think about the Catacombs? I've always wanted to go but the giant waiting line makes me postpone my visit everytime :p