Got a dude called Minixx77 who's obsessed with me. I call him Ryan, he's my loyal dog, he's always there to correct my english mistakes with his C1 certificate and I love him for that.


Hardstyle/Hardcore ->

Neurofunk/Hard Drum & Bass:

Psytrance ->

Bass & Future House ->

Trance ->

Chill trance and shit ->

Liquid and Chill Drum & Bass ->
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That's why I said you need to know how to play against it. If you know they may be on a half buy, you don't get into a site through placed with close range fights. May as well complain about shotguns ...
And you know what's a good counter to that? Playing medium/long range against it. It's like complaining about that pistols that killing with 1 bullet hs at close range when the m4 doesn't, or that a ...
I mean, the deagle is fine as it is. He's just circlejerking and is probably a silver lying about his rank and hours. The gun has always been ok, it's very precise on long range if you're still + cro...
it was snd_debug_sleep iirc, but that command doesn't work anymore. What you can do is type record 1 on console on freeze time and then type stop.
good sad songs
Best DJs in the world?
Oh, thought you were talking about the actual DJing skill and not about music. My bad.
Best DJs in the world? this guy's a vinyl god, even if you don't like the genre
As long as they give info in english I don't care, even if they use the in-game voice chat to talk in their language when round ends/freeze time, and most people do that if you ask them to nicely.
did you eat fruit today?
Had like 3 pears and a banana today.
poll|| best fruit
Wdym, pomelo is literally the word for grapefruit in spanish
HLTV users black list
This is fake. Nobody uses Skype in 2020.
Gym stats question
Don't see the point on working out 4x a week then, though. Just by doing pushups and shit like that you'd probably be in that shape if you strictly count your calories.
Gym stats question
Yeah, I know, I'm cutting right now and I'm still maintaining strength and even lifting higher on some exercises while losing bw, just because all I'm losing is fat But muscle mass and strength are al...