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S1mple vs Zywoo comparison of stats.
+1 actually good stats especially Saved by teammate/Saved teammate stat that never exists for the ppl on here who cry 'baiter'. Even a month ago that stat was completely level for s1mple both at 0.09,...
Zywoo fans
I think its just typical casuals getting bored of the best player like happens in all sports. They are excited for a new name to take the spot and sometimes take it too far. Guaranteed if Zywoo goes o...
ZywOo is miles better than s1mple
+1 even bait threads are becoming too low effort nowadays
s1mple 1v9 as usual
+1 he is very quiet in this series and s1mple can cover for it on CT side, but its rly hurting them on T side
Game suggestions
Same. Can't recommend hard enough
Game suggestions
This but unironically. Many ppl get burnt out on competitive yet they've never played any popular community servers which can be super fun like Surf, BHop servers, DZ which actually isnt bad now, and ...
Its not sensible at all. Silvers always like to type up something that sounds vaguely analytical in their heads to justify a bias against certain players, but its total bullshit. S1mple plays CT Rotat...
Zywoo doesn't buy Hero AWP, he gets dropped it. Just like most of the time himself and s1mple don't buy Hero AK, they get dropped, because these two players are AWPers. Its better this way for economy...
They are just as 'right' and as wrong as if they said "entries", "s1mple entry player". Because he is entrying some rounds, but not doing it enough to warrant being called an entry fragger. Yes in som...
The skill gap between Fnatic players is nothing compared to that of NaVi or Vitality. NaVi and Vitality naturally put more resources toward S1mple and Zywoo respectively for this very reason. And yes,...
Another s1mple & ZywOo Post
Nothing wrong at all with comparing players as long as you acknowledge the strengths as well as weaknesses that these players have relative to each other. Its infinitely more stupid to just say "don't...
And he is pushing and getting openings on the site, even with the AWP, yet silvers will still say bAiTInG