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If FaZe wins against OG
Round differences are no use here, my friend... 1)The only way is VP winning OG and Faze winning OG... OR 2)VP winning G2 and mousesports winning G2 while Faze have to win OG... OG losing to VP is ve...
If FaZe wins against OG
well i want faze to make it through too but ... chances of them making it through is close to 0 at this point
R.I.P FaZe
Yeah ... pretty much that's it for Faze here...
sad realization of seeding in esl pro league
gg faze it's over in esl pro league
they are humans too .. If you want perfect casters, why not just get robots?
hey, it is not 100% mousesports will beat VP because I see there's chances VP beating mouse... I am a big fan of Faze so I will say this, Faze will make it through :)
yeah it will happen ... That was unnecessary tbh hahah mb Faze MUST win G2 :d
There's still chance for faze to make it to the finals .. mouse sports lose to G2 or G2 lose to mousesports and faze MUST WIN OG 2-1 or 2-0 in order to make it to the next stage. That's because Faze a...
this is the og i love!
they will
this is the og i love!
I would say mousesports is pretty lucky to even get a map away from them ! 19-16 just unluko for OG
dude , did u even see rain's playstyle ? Is just basically all muscles without brain ... trynna flex on his sick aim but this is official matches with players doing set-ups flashes and utilities..
mousesports vs OG
this aged well
NiKo will be the greatest IGL in CS history
you neeed help