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R8 my rap bars
mm full of cheaters wtf ??
I'm not wrong To make it worse they don't get banned Vacnet is meant to be able to detect blatant cheats and send them to overwatch I vsed some guy spinbotting 2 weeks ago STILL NOT BANNED, the most b...
mm full of cheaters wtf ??
i play a fair bit of wingman it goes, good trust factor = good games = EZ wins and quick rankups -> Get reported cause we smash everyone and drop 15-20 kills regularly -> Trust factor goes down = so...
naf aimbot
last reply to you, You gonna believe someone who ACTUALLY knows quite a bit about cheats (me) or Someone who thinks unknownscheats/mpgh/d3 cheats are as good as they get (you)
naf aimbot
not just them you fool, I would link but private means private and censoring would remove all credibility, just like not linking... so just continue on your day "he also knew things that weren't reall...
naf aimbot
you do know if you actually read it, he was actually confirmed to be legit and he also knew things that weren't really public
can you even understand english ya fucking chicken
top 5 most blatant cheaters in pro scene
ahhhh hmmmm, swear it said flusha didn't cheat as in thats your opinion
top 5 most blatant cheaters in pro scene
why, because you dont know anything about cheats and think that "LAN" cheats from unknowncheats is as good as they come
VAC is not stopping cheating
Valve Allows Cheats
With or without condom [18+]
ahhh, wanna think about that one... not wrong either way
Australia bushfires truth
people treating it like the end of the world and that greta bitch can fuck off, she is literally doing nothing she is just telling you what the internet already forces down your throat i can do that t...
Australia bushfires truth
billion... dont think so bud
Australia bushfires truth
what does climate change have to do with it spreading, the fires are as bad as they are because of no back burning and other stupid government reason, of cause global warming has made everything dryer...
Was my stepdad’s joke funny?
you fucking square, it's a funny dirty joke and that's it, don't take it too serious kids are either not going to understand or they are old enough and immature beside from you it seems