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G2 vs Liquid
My apologies man i never meant anything racist it's just a common joke. Have nothing against poles or any other nationality
G2 vs Liquid
Calls someone 10th world trash while his fellow citizens clean toilets somewhere in UK for food
Vega Squadron vs Sharks
Depends on odds. This time sharks is fav, so definitely 2-0 for vega.
G2 vs Liquid
btw mouse to take top1 in month
Liquid vs HellRaisers
Chill boys inferno is the only map where hr can show something decent.
MIBR vs North
Prob easiest 1.65 odds in my life
Movistar Riders vs Chaos
G2 vs Cloud9
It's so fucking sad that veto decided who will win. C9 are going to lose nuke like 90%, but on d2 they could overcome.
HellRaisers vs mousesports
Just threw ur moneys in rubbish can
North vs FaZe
I'd like to agree but sometimes it just looks like most of the top teams aren't in their good form so it makes north looking decent on such a background.
North vs FaZe
It's always hard to come back with old roster. MIBR, Fnatic tried to reunite and since some time they became even worse lol, so FaZe definitely needs to do something with this all. Everyone in this te...
North vs FaZe
For me it's a pleasure lol, it's time to disband this joke of a team and a time for someone to retire
HellRaisers vs Luminosity
I remember immortals roster with heni, lucas and boltz, they were fucking banging making t1 teams struggle and now it's like a puke idk what happened to my boys
U're so terribly wrong mate
Heroic vs DETONA
I remember Sharks fucked up North, it was even harder to believe in before match so everything can happen. Btw hope br guys will show some competition at least