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Middelfart ;)
Astralis new jersey
That jersey lookin like N♿RTH's 2017 jersey
Rio Major
Shitty online major or it gets moved to 2021
Esetag wtf
Stewie2k GOAT
See this is why HLTV is worse than reddit and twitter combined
goat of cs ?
Dev1ce ik im biased but rly. Star player for the greatest team of all time and the most consistant player of all time. Highest amount of tournement mvp's 4 majors under his belt 2 major mvp's only ri...
G2 roster change?
what means 322?
322 = The amount of dollars a russian DOTA 2 player threw a game for, he plays for Virtus.Pro
Best danish team?
Well it s hard to say since North haven't prooven themselves yet, and heroic are good but I think Astralis is better. And Mad Lions is just good.
Build Losing Team
What are you stupid no team made of player within top 50 could loose to a team that low. Why #100 why not just make the worst possible team. Dum dum
w0xic's future
ew no
w0xic's future
Idk, Mouz future is Even more of a question ark. Since frozen, bymas and ropz sure as hell ain't gonna awp. And chrisj and Karrigan are on the edge of getting benched aswell.
most respected players
HUNDEN (IGL) ScreaM (ENTRY/RIFLER) Xyp9x CLUTCH/SUPPORT/RIFLER) NAF (AWP/RIFLER) friberg (RIFLER/2ND ENTRY) OG 2.0 personally i think that 2 entry fraggers sounds like a good idea, and i don't know wh...
most respected players
PashaBiceps friberg ScreaM Xyp9x NAF Aleksib HUNDEN
Don't do this in your country
Naming your newborn dumb names like numbers or an objects like bacon.