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poland talking
Top 1 stats, will Device get stolen again?
anyone can do what device does its not stealing, he's just not that good
top 5 best awapers
glaive is what makes device do something all device has is patience to hold the same angle for 3 mins
top 5 best awapers
anyone can replicate it wtf he just has a lot of patience it's not even a playstyle the real star of astralis is glaive, device just does as told
top 5 best awapers
he does what anyone can do even you can play like device mens))))))))
wish s.korea major
i wish bro but your people need to start playing fps a lil better only crossfire does something there lol everyone just wants to see LOL,dota,etc
major rio
timezone for EU will be terrible, so it's even bro lmao
top 5 best awapers
easy to have a high rating when you have the most boring playstyle of the whole scene
Next major in brazil
search about "you know what", then you gonna see yes it's much safer
Next major in brazil
at least our schools are safer than yours bruh
Xiaomi come
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xchoFP4apQ4 There you go mate :) betting ur not a real kiwi
Xiaomi come
easy to flash roms besides you can just buy a mi a3
Xiaomi come
you know android versions dont matter anymore right? Everything you have in android Pie was avaliable in MIUI 9 already. google even stole some features from miui 10 for android Q.
Xiaomi come
imagine not getting updates and saying samsung is better im receiving miui 11 for my 4gen old device xD
Xiaomi come
I like it , tried on my dad's mi 9t waiting release for my redmi 5 plus