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wtf 9 year old drag queen
Damn this comment was great I stopped reading OzarK's thread after this cause its obvious he just hates Brax after those remarks. Thanks for trying to explain that Portugese dumbass!
If device doesnt win MPV my god
Device is in the final while S1mple lost in the semi's... Sorry to tell you that mate.
device not #1
Now hes playing really well again, fantastic player
ddoc xD
Didnt expect him to get so many kills v Fnatic, interesting to see when he gets on a real team. Exciting times up ahead for him.
FaZe vs NiP
Wow expected Faze to be a big fav interesting...
Your country lands
iNTACT vs Spacestation
They play swole next huh? Should be nice value on Intact these guys are drilled to the teeth. Also space just won like 1 map in their last 6 while Intact were on the form of their life including a clo...
iNTACT vs Spacestation
Intact is such a structured team lovely to watch. Also Space in horrible form was to be expected..
What even is this title? Maybe watch the clip you post yourself first...
Shat myself
You must be shattered
OpTic vs Heroic
As expected a slaughter on this map. Next 2 ones should be tougher though
chrisJ Gold Nova
Why do I never see threads about Elige rofl, the only thing he does is abuse the Aug gun.. Imagine if a Astralis player only used that weapon....
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs x6tence Galaxy
1hp damn clutch round for the Attax boys.. If they take this map.. It's surely over