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Virtus.pro vs Movistar Riders
> wesg is trash > will support mibr in wesg
Virtus.pro vs Movistar Riders
> Riders 4 month old team starting from bottom > Sprout playing everyday leagues such as UML > See you in WESG... oh wait
Virtus.pro vs Movistar Riders
#facts biased german kiddo, keep trying with your lack of arguments.
Virtus.pro vs Movistar Riders
Interesting how Sprout is better when Riders manage to go to overtime with lowel with 38º fever and Alex also ill + the whole team only was able to train 1 day in the last week because of them being i...
ENCE Haters come here
Thing is ENCE fans are more annoying than brazilian fans, which is insane, and you are the proof of that, fakeflag.
Virtus.pro vs Movistar Riders
kk 16 y/o #savingstrats4major
Virtus.pro vs Movistar Riders
You don't need to prepare anything for Riders, do you think you need any fancy strats as if Riders were the new Astralis? Just play your A game ( as they tried since they used pauses). BTW the trick ...
Virtus.pro vs Movistar Riders
Yeah they were thinking: we are earning 6 figures per year to play a game, let's be unprofessional and let's lose an official match 2 weeks prior a major to lose momentum :) we and our fans will be ex...
Virtus.pro vs Movistar Riders
But few members of Riders are ill, that's why they lost vs Sprout, so I am not sure of what will happen by then.
Sprout vs Movistar Riders
they are explaining it live here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrVLvMmtfHk
Sprout vs Movistar Riders
Few members of MRS were playing ill, loWel was playing with 38º fever, and they could not train this last days because of this.
TYLOO vs Vitality
ENCE vs Spirit
TOTALLY AGREE, this meme is so annoying nowadays.
Sprout vs Movistar Riders
Not anymore
Brazilians already crying
To be honest, that TACO hat is ridiculous as hell.. he looks so pathetic with that hat. And on the other hand he looks like a normal decent dude without it :S he should go to the psychologist and acce...