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fallen 2face caught
double baited, expected from potatohead
You were asking actually, i replied
Yes, all of us are exactly like that.
Pathetic affirmation. MGTOW ask for absolutely nothing, complain about absolutely nothing, want no law to change, don't ask people for respect, any of that. Just want to live in peace.
It's like you didn't even read what i wrote, and this desperating feeling of yours to call someone beta (ego lifting) just spoke louder than your brain. I think it's excusable.
Oh sorry, "MGTOW" means "Men going their own way".
Gf is a bitch?
MGTOW. You save your money, you are free, you can bang stupid bitchies (not in your home), and spend money on yourself. If that's not the way to live, then living is not worthed.
University Bullshit
The moment you create a graduation named "Gender STudy" you realise universities are not necessary anymore except for med school.
Brazil is a meme
Mainstream people are stupid. People who follow others on twitter are stupid. Instagram people are stupid. So basically, most people in the world are stupid, and that include most brazilians, most eu...
I wouldn't leave Brazil for Europe these days, i'm tired of leftist crap. Not even saying BR is better, but by the path EU is going, soon BR is gonna be a better place to live, where i can actually sa...
Underground bands
That Western Skyline - Dawes
Thiem halep
Always fun to watch Thiem
instagram lol
For those who use, you're very weird. I don't use them either.
instagram lol
They're trying to look like someone they're not. None of them are like that, but its like they live in a movie or something, its really pathetic. And it's not like i'm mad at them, i'm just saying the...