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France wtf
Legit for the printing thing (ecology etc) But still, i would prefer if they include father/father etc... Everyone has to be what they are, and not hiding behind numbers imo I don't wanna debate cuz...
YNK got fat?
i'm in work, cant watch major :(
YNK got fat?
can you screen plz ? You scares me, is he that fat right now ;-;?
Best Caster
Spunj so nice lol And Semmler but not with us today sadly
Best Caster
+1 was the best
legit tho but still lol... Hope the best for them anyway !
France wtf
so why can't they just adjust with a proper thing on the paper, and not just numbers lol
wtf is wrong with peoples minds lol One day on hltv i see toxicity for them all the way And today, flowers, tier 1 team, to good ffs lol
France wtf
it's shit you are right
Why do you hate Donald Trump?
nt trik
i guess your IQ
sex: male age: 21 contry: France do yo like dogs?: yes 2+2*2: 6 do you like Fnatic?: yes homo?: no do you like math?: when i was 6 do you smoke weed?: yes csgo rank?: lvl 10 real madrid or barça?: I ...
Gym Progress!!
i need motivation :(
TACO Tweet
The bind is about zooming radar while the smoke dissapear and they can try to spam on it with the crosshair/radar placement thats it
List of fun mods (since 1.6)
35hp maps was kinda cool too And you are right about SH servers, it wasn't popular because of the bad balance mostly tho but i hope to see it back on csgo so much lol
List of fun mods (since 1.6)
You can throw kamehameha and genkidama aswell hahaha