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More primitive, many angry cavemen
hk protestors
hk protestors
r8 her [+18]
Liquid vs NiP
You have a short memory
You´re right. That response goes for anyone using any religion as a tool to manipulate others, including hate preachers. As I´m not religious though, I don´t believe in punishment in the after life.
Benedict Cumberbatch
I had a teacher named Eske Eskesen. Æske (pronounced same way) means "box" in danish. But Gaylord must be one of the worst last names. An Edward Gaylord owns "Gaylord Hotels" in Nashville. Got to adm...
Math Quiz
To be honest I had to stop and think a couple of times. Also typed wrong a couple of times. (Good function, that it won´t register if you type wrong) Had 1:30 remaining after test. Will use it with ...
Astralis prime > Fnatic prime ???
Please don´t. This is a good discussion
The book “Mein Kampf”
"have a bad reputation" ... did he hang on streetcorners smoking cigarettes? "had a good idea how a state should function" Do you have any idea how misguided and ignorant you sound? Anyone can write...
Trump not racist
Don´t you watch the News, or do you only watch FOX? Send her back Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqLxxbjVG_k
jkaem is good
18+ Rate my new gf
8/8 Good for you :o)
Do you believe in afterlife?
No I think ideas of afterlife and/or reincarnation was made up to ... 1. Comfort people 2. Make people accept a bad life because they will then be rewarded later (in next life/afterlife) It would be...
Favorite food
Think it´s called "Lamb Provencale": https://www.alt.dk/mad/opskrift/den-perfekte-lammekolle- Ovenmade Lamb hindleg with garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper (sometimes with Parsley). Baked over sliced ...