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worst dish from your country?
There is really no flavors there, except salt, mustard and butter. Only thing that brings it´s own flavor to the table is carrot. My family loved it, so we had it maybe once a month when I was a kid. ...
worst dish from your country?
"Hamburgerryg" has nothing to do with hamburger. It´s boiled salted pork with mustard, boiled vegetables and melted butter for a sauce. Everything is wrong with that dish, but many people like it - ...
free of speech in hltv
90%. You can discuss more or less what you want, if you keep a decent tone. And yes, you CAN be critical of Trump or BLM for example, without resorting to hatespeak. So many people deliberately take ...
Your city
Copenhagen Love living here and will be staying, but I often miss some exciting nature experiences. Denmark not the right place for that.
BlameF best mentality
BlameF has been 1 year with this team and is having the best period of his career right now. Of course he´s not feeling burnt out. But maybe after 2 more years at this level or higher - like Glaive? ...
School Teacher 40k Euros per year after taxes (56k before taxes)
taxing rich = communism?
Thanks for taking the time. Most scandinavians gladly pay their taxes because of what they get in return. Central negotiations between employers and employees enables establishing nationwide rules li...
taxing rich = communism?
OK, my reply was a bit rushed. How can dk education be good with big government and high taxes? Which countries do you consider model societies?