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I get my first vaccine shot (Phizer) in 2 days, that will be good
Haaland will not leave
With Raiola as agent he will almost certainly leave. Railoa is always pushing for sales so he can get extra comission, and any footballer knows that´s what he does. So by choosing Raiola, Haaland has ...
Waste of time movies
Boring read, fine TV series
Waste of time movies
I don´t get bored by Sandler, but I do have a strong allergic reaction. No way I could sleep with that voice droning.
Waste of time movies
Then you absolutely MUST see the extended versions, so you have time to take in all the characters, scenery and the story. If none of that is important to you, then watch The Hobbit
Waste of time movies
Waste of time movies
I liked it, but maybe too slow paced for a Tarantino Movie
Waste of time movies
I agree with you about SW: 7 good, 8+9 not so much I don´t see movies for the fights scenes alone. Story, characters and in scifi/fantasy there also has to be epic monsters/space ships, scenery, batt...
top10 football teams rn
Lacks stability
top10 football teams rn
Realist, focus on RIGHT NOW Milan is in "all time top 10 Europe" and Dortmund is at least a candidate for that too: Real Madrid Barcelona Liverpool Milan Bayern Man Utd Juventus Ajax Inter ... depen...
Total War Games Specials
Total War Warhammer 1 + 2 (+ 3) are the ones I play. I love how they have managed to include so many of the features from the miniature game, both visually and in game play. The frequent updates keep ...
top10 football teams rn
LA, Milan and Dortmund has no business on that list, and I´m saying this as a Milan fan.
top10 football teams rn
Good list Sad that Italy and Germany only has 1 team in Top 10, but it´s true
Only 36 Players have +K/D all time
And only 8 players have played 1000+ maps. They all have positive K-D except Karrigan (no surprise)