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Dignitas vs Apeks
Time to send Hallzerk to Nordavind
wtf nbk?
Wow, he looks like a walking pile of crap... I read the comments first and thought, "Can't be that bad" and I clicked it boys... Jesus Christ...
wtf nbk?
Maybe, but Nbk is definitely not even close to talent of Riquelme
shroud hype
Watching shroud is as fun as watching snails reciprocate.
m1koo24 & HELLKISSS vs TaZ & reiko
ez for nonamers vs bald charlatan
selectah vs Excellency
As I said in #23, Edward should pack his mouse and hit the whole coaching industry where he has actual chances of getting a proper salary and a proper exposure. The same actually goes to Neo & Taz, it...
selectah vs Excellency
Sad to see that no one wants to play with papa Edward anymore and he picks up random garbage from the bin. Its just really really depressing. Its time to say goodbye to playing any sort of competitive...
Envy low iq?
Well, dudes are staying somewhere in Europe and they can't even properly play. With COVID around you will never know when they can actually enter the US soil. Envy'd rather invest in some mediocre pla...
FATE vs Illuminar
Match feels scripted af. I don't even know what else to say. Hard to predict who is going to throw for $ when Illuminar meets Fate.
FATE vs Illuminar
weird matchup and odds shifting to Fate while $ are being invested in Illu, i'd stay out of this pile of dog crap
Chaos vs Triumph
The tricky part is fearless has no house (jajaja)
Tikitakan vs Winstrike
fpl mix vs hooch & bondik at 2.6 odds...... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! whom should I bet on