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matchfixing/throwing in NA MDL
lol just need to watch JJH vs Zero.tsg on dust 2 when they lost 19-15 in OT after having a 10 match point lead
Heretics vs ALTERNATE aTTaX
Stfn running out of B tunnels with his knife out and jumps must be the dumbest play I have ever seen by a professional. If you can call him that lol
Rooster vs Chiefs
Rooster vs Chiefs
oh man chiefs lineup suddenly looks dangerous
Syman vs LDLC
ez for lambert
NAVI Junior vs LDLC
they can't find a better player than Lambert in the french cs scene? lol
Renegades vs ORDER
order should have won it 2-0 hahahaha thanks order bettors
Nordavind vs SMASH
nordavind are playing so many games today...might be a little risky putting a bet on them for this.
TIGER vs Beyond
when your country is poor and people are committing suicide cause they don't have money, beyond found a great way to make money. we should praise them instead of berating them. hopefully you thai dogs...
Renegades vs ORDER
their gamesense is comparable to a silver and they are getting paid to play this game lol
Renegades vs ORDER
lmao order hopefully the next bushfire can wipe you guys out
lmao AGO
AGO just signed with forBet as sponsors 8 hours ago and then right after played against Demolition Crew which they should have won. Instead they lost 16-5. Thoughts on this throw and whether they woul...
AGO vs Demolition Crew
AGO signed with forBet as a new sponsor and threw the game right away hahaha shit cant get any blatant.
AGO vs Demolition Crew
Didn't watch the game but the results are weird. How did AGO get beaten so badly when DC can't even win other lower tier teams?
DreamEaters vs Skin Ogres
322 Shitty ass rigged league. Creating a last chance stage so you guys can have more matches to make more money.