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mibr shirts should be yellow
"only the CBF jersey is symbol of low IQ/batedor de panela." +999999999999999
7 - 1 (Explained)
man you guys got to understand most of brazillians are ignorant potato fuckers, the part of the nation that was aware of all the corruption didn't even wanted the world cup to take place here, it fuck...
Coldzera Jump shot overrated
they were losing 15-10 and coldzera did a miracle that not only won a round but also lifted the spirit of his team, that play alone won the major
I think mibr could fall even against the worst team due to lack of synchronization yet, doenst matter if they won 3-1, they are back togheter for a short amount of time to be favorites but I hope they...
<3 FaZe
you have to face reality, I like faze since 2016 where they delivered insane games against sk, every faze game was amazing to watch cuz they were strong and could challenge anyone, I'm not inside the ...
Kepa Chelsea
Giroud is literally worse than Benzema. nice joke btw
I'm a madridist and I am talking about the present barcelona, if messi don't play barcelona can't win.
>barcelona >full of great players Barcelona have Ter Stegen, Coutinho (he can play really well but is inconsistent), Suarez(not that good nowdays but still score lots of goals) and Messi. Messi is to...
nah c9 legitimate won that game, they lost cuz they played bad and that's it.
nah man they struggled against all of them they are in a bad form and not in sync with eachother probably going to fall short in the next stage against a big team. As a fan i'm hoping in the next majo...
COLD > S1mple
and here we have a rare non-monkey brazillian, we exist but in the shadow and in hiding cuz we live in a dangerous jungle full of berzerk radioactive toxic monkeys throwing bananas like boomerangs cuz...
Coldzera unstoppable
kkkkk mean he's laughing because you are right to call botarik a youtuber +1
Unpopular opinions (playoffs)
nip showed poor perfomances in the challenge stage and I wouldn't be surprised if they went 0-3, I'm not hatin on them but nip, g2 and c9 will not make that far in my opinion, not even sure if mibr wi...
0-3 and 3-0 VOTE!
I pictured this guy tipping that whole text while drinking tea. hey mate do you have a loicense to be funny on the internet? jk you made my day lulz
I do think they have a chance cuz we know what they are capable of but I think one of the most important aspect of the game is the sync you need to have. I know they played togheter for a long time bu...