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don haci's smoke exploit
Why is he still popular then?
don haci's smoke exploit
I don't know why people give him any attention.
Russians come here
Whenever you meet a Russian who's a good teammate, you don't even know that they're Russian because they speak English to you. This is why you think that 'all' of them are retarded.
Favorite map?
I love cache, perfect in a minimalistic sense.
mousesports vs Instinct
Mousesports won a game? Karrigan is the greatest IGL of all time.
MIBR vs Renegades
let's just take a moment to laugh at smooya
supporting mibr tonight
Yee, it's impossible not to hate him after you've actually seen how he behaves.
r8 new keyboard
I've recently bought the hyperx TKL keyboard and I'm starting to regret I hadn't gone for something like that thing you posted. :(
r8 new keyboard
Looks dope as fuck.
Learning a new language
It's never too late, learning a language at the age of 23 should be just as difficult as while starting at high school. In terms of what language are worth learning, it depends on what you want to ach...
It's the other way around actually.
supporting mibr tonight
But if they win, people might think that smooya is useful in some way which could allow him to get more opportunites in the future. I really don't want this to happen.
supporting mibr tonight
His personality is just unbearable. Incredibly high ego.
mousesports vs NiP
I love how people give him credit for results achieved with Astralis when Glaive has done much more since taking over. xD He had a chance to play with basically all the best talent in csgo and has nev...
mousesports vs NiP
Karrigan proving to be the most overrated IGL in csgo? What a surprise!