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cause nip had a coach*
i dont want stupid last dance
i'm actually talking about them, they can't really believe anymore that they can make it work, it's just delusional
i dont want stupid last dance
the ego they have WOW they brought boltz, it didn't work they brought felps, it didn't work they brought kng, it didn't work they brought LUCAS1, it didn't work they brought meyern, it didn't work and...
i dont want stupid last dance
they tried it and even brought zews and they fucking failed, how did they already forget about that
FaZe vs NiP
what are these odds lmao ez for nip
xyp9x is back
what an idiot
meaning of life
hallo ?? i just posted the wikipedia link and it has the source in it, maybe read it ? >No, a muslim who commits suicide won't enter into hellfire forever as he hasn't died upon major shirk or disbel...
bymas clip
0:20s when all 3 were alive, 0:08s when only rush was alive, rush had to peek
meaning of life hmm weird that the top 20 happiest countries in the world have little to no muslims also weird that the top 25 unhappiest countries in the world h...
meaning of life
1-dailymail as a source lmao 2- everyone knows that muslims take their religion seriously more than any other ones, christians do whatever the fuck they want 3- it doesn't even consider it one of the ...
meaning of life
Muslim countries are one of the least happiest countries in the world, suicide rates are low cause ppl who kill themselves in islam are believed to be sent to hell forever without any chance of redemp...
Astralis wasting talent on the bench?
flair and flag checks out
Dekay wtf
please kick ynk
The only guy they can kick is kjaerbye broky a good clutch and good player overall, shouldn't be a dedicated awper imo niko is niko cold is cold even tho he's not performing atm rain brings stability ...