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Ranking AWPers 2021 so far
ZywOo , s1mple and sh1ro clearly dominate the scene rn in terms of AWP performance , sucks that ZywOo/s1mple don't have competent teams around them like sh1ro ; here last 12 Months : ZywOo 1.29 s1mp...
Top 10 players 2021?
damn someone noticed lmao
Ranking AWPers 2021 so far
cause he hasn't played enough maps vs top 20 teams or El1an and Oskar would be here as well
Ranking AWPers 2021 so far
Ranking AWPers 2021 so far
yes, u have better way of ranking them without being biased ?
Top 10 players 2021?
ZywOo s1mple device NiKo electronic blameF ropz elige dupreeh syrsoN
Thorin & RLewis vs 3kliksphilip
- Accusing 3kliks for taking money and bribe from C9 = very mild ribbing great journalistic integrity , if this was done to him it would've been the end of the world and that guy should apology and a...
floppy Valorant
if it was bait what do u want him to do ?
The best awper of all time
In a discussion that involve all time i dont consider doing it first with any "meaningful" value , Maradona isnt better than Messi/Cr7 cause he was incredible before them wtf is that fked up logic and...
The best awper of all time
The best awper of all time
alright so let's play this and take a time machine for kennyS : 2012 (Overall 1.25 / LAN 1.26) : https://www.hltv.org/stats/players/opponents/team/7167/kennys?startDate=2012-01-01&endDate=2012-12-3...
The best awper of all time
i think when ppl ask this question forget that csgo has been a game for 10~ years so if a player like s1mple dominate 4-5 years thats already more than half even if he didnt do it "first" remember ...
The best awper of all time
only ppl that live in the past would say this , kenny and GuardiaN hasn't been relevant for the last 3 years