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FURIA trying hard to lose
Shipz aimbot?
Thats the definition of aim lock lool
Windigo vs MIBR
Thank you very much bro, you 23x good day. :) :D
Windigo vs MIBR
Thank you very much bro, you 16x good day. :) :D
Iq online test usually overrate your answers. If you look your "high IQ" you will more willing to share with your friends If they show your really iQ lets say 70 you wont share that because you dont ...
yea bye major for mibr See you guys next major Mibr will be a lil bit better prepared so we will see what happens :p
That ovp was sad i wish we had a 3rd game today Train was about to be sick
2 answers: If mibr lose this one, they showed they can beat astralis in future And if they end up winning this one, they showed the end of danish era (losing to liquid last camp and now to mibr)
MIBR vs Astralis
Why would mibr pick inferno? They are struggling and astralis are 100% on that map last 3 months They rather play dust 2 instead of inferno even after that 16x0 Different team, different event, diff...
MiBr have legit chances
Astralis x mibr is 70-30 dude or even worse 80-20 dunno what u talking about
where is nip magic?
You are about to see the best turnover of your life Good game astralis train for next major. Bleh just kidding it gonna be 2-0
People thinking Astralis loses this major
I dont know if im delusional maybe i am but i wanna see mibr vs astralis Mibr made astralis a lil scared last year with that shit roster. Now they got a chance. 80-20 but still a chance.
People thinking Astralis loses this major
If they play 100% with their minds in the right place no one can beat them They can lose only if they choke somehow Like they did against renegades on mirage last week
Im a mibr fan, ofc im brazilian, and im scared lol
brazilians in 3 hours
basically you said what i just said but in different words but thats okay