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"French s1mple" lmao
Imao nice logic 160cm gypsy
"French s1mple" lmao
Vega Squadron vs Spirit
sdy good
passive? u know that he was one of the first awper who is playing really aggressive/pushing alone with awp
Zeus fanboys come here
Zeus major winner- faze trash team with choko who just destroy team
Zeus fanboys come here
Zeus 4x time major winner 1.6 always rekt mtw. 1 major winner cs go, u just garnish 9 y.o kid
Stop saying boombla
he is fat boom
s1mple future
So easy to predict, if navi fail on Major ( expect finall/semifinall(not sure about semi) ) He will leave, after this Zeus mb leave, i'am not sure about this, if Zeus leave, NaVi must take Ange1 and ...
s1mple future
He is 21 y.o he is not a kid, what a retarded thread, if he want, for example, if virtus pro finally stop working with dead cs scene. Polish scene die since 2016. 0 top players 0 perspective players, ...
North vs Natus Vincere
lose to fkn invalids without fan base omfg
S1mple ==> Electronic
hahahaha unlucko btw s1mple ofc better
Heroic vs Natus Vincere
zeus totally trash i have no words really this guy playing like 7-8 lvl faceit no joke
Best S L A V I C team that could beat astralis
Adren not slavic, electronic not slavic as well
Device and s1mple
hahahahaha "with important kill" yea, bcs dupreeh and magisk get all kills for winning, ecovice got only boring kills when it doesnt matter, 0 clutches 0 hard rounds--hold with awp behind the team. ha...
Device and s1mple
nice logic fkn gypsy, so mvp with 1.15 rating its a good? u are retard gypsy?