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What are you picks ?
3-0 Astralis Liquid , big , g2 , vitality , nrg , ence , mibr COL 0-3
Actual G2 Fix
its the best line up actually but will never happen because ego is to big
Actual G2 Fix
G2 Fix possible for 0 money EX6 > good igl and able to kill SHOX > become star player again because focus on his aim JACKZ > very smart and good skill LUCKY > very skilled player need to be used mo...
pro m4a1-s
NBK recently
yes, they are really strong individually and in a team.Moreover, they have a good staff and they have a good mental. All eu teams who passes the minor will qualify like ence vit and ZyWoo best playe...
Mini CS:GO Quiz
2018 - DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018 2017 - ESL Pro League Season 5 - Finals and more 2016 - Gfinity CS:GO Invitational and more 2015 - DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015 Major and more 2014 - DreamHack Wi...
Mini CS:GO Quiz
top 20 CS:GO players all the time
NBK should be in the list and happy was a god in the past he can probably be in the list too
Hiko vs NBK
NBK by far 2 majors and the best knife in csgo
Faze 5th will be a big name
FaZe Ex6tenZ confirmed
france ?
Faze options
best option is ex6 if you want stability and be a top 1 team > good igl and he can frag. If you take scream niko need to lead he is playing really bad when he leading and the team will be imbalanced
FaZe new player?
Just pick Ex6tenz its a good player / igl and harworker and good mentality
Rate my FaZe lineup
Ex6tenZ IGL Niko Rain Olof Guardian best line up
Whom will sign FaZe?
FaZe Ex6tenZ good skill + igl .Ex6tenz is a hard worker and FaZe need that. He is better than karrigan in all points and FaZe just need a good igl to challenge astralis, niko cant be an igl. He just n...