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Which clutch will you always remember and from which player on which match?
Friberg 1v2 vs Fnatic to make it 13-15 in the katowice 2015 final
NiP fix
you gotta think structure. you cant just put together 5 awesome players. thats the reason why faze and nip are also doing so badly no structure
NiP fix
i think olof would be awesomeee
EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE-------EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE-------EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE EZ4ENCE---------------------------------------------EZ4ENCE EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE--------------------------EZ4ENCE EZ...
s1mple SCAMMER
youtue subtitles xd
I guess your age
178 cm NiP dont have a favorite type of music cs
NiP lucky
10-3 not deserved xd
predict nip game
12 yo noob. Get_Right is in my opinion the one of the goats of cs. he might not be the best player atm but he is one of the smartest for sure. He is a legend of cs and no one can take that away from h...
best players from good cs countries
btw jks is australian not from new zealand
Make a TOP30 team with players from ur country!
KillDream Zelin Rmn Fox Mut
its twitch chat what do you think. you have to be really dumb to instantly believe something some weirdo says in twitch chat.
Best major crowd
Smooya potential teams
lul and im the prick your the ignorant one and it didnt mean to heart your feelings little princess
Smooya potential teams
london conspiracy doesnt exist anymore and once were norwegian (Rain last team before kinguin) team just because its called London doesnt mean its an english team. Do your research not look dumb last...