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Magisk top 1?
only 2 big events so far.
Magisk top 1?
More likely after simple and device as they're more consistent.
Astralis vs NiP
why not.Astralis is best dust2 team and they're shaky on overpass.Nip has very good overpass and dust2 was their perma ban not long time ago.
Calm down.It's because of jetlag after wesg.Coldzera said they're pretty confident on nuke ,ez gonna beat astralis.They had to play 2xbo1 in one day.No fans to give info.Playing with stand in(felps).
Astralis vs ENCE
dupreeh saved aleksi life and lost round for astralis.
Astralis vs ENCE
events without astralis are tier 2 no matter what
Best CS:GO Players of All Time (2012-2018)
Well nice effort but still can't see coldzera being over device.Why do you include numbers of major/big event maps?It's irrevelant and giving more points to players who did for example swiss 3-2 and ...
Astralis will falls soon!
Navi has never beaten and will never beat astralis on nuke because they have no idea how to play this map.Out of like 10 games vs astralis they've won max 10 rounds and avg 5 per map even though star...
Astralis 82% win rate.
yes I know it was fluke(like liquid in 2016 majors) and that they will most likely bomb out in groups next major.But saying that astralis victory was undeserved is bullshit.They would've beaten any t...
Astralis 82% win rate.
Keep crying navi fanboy.This ence has beaten navi and liquid.Astralis would stomp navi even worse than ence in final
fucking astralis
Both fnatic,sk even in prime wouldve got stomped by astralis
AGO vs Windigo
when?can't find it.Liquid is top 2 team on dust2 after astralis.Only lan matters tho.
AGO vs Windigo
lol no chance against astralis or liquid xD
Real Madrid is back
Real Madrid won't win shit without C.Ronaldo.He was always delivering in most important games and now they're missing player like him.Can't be replaced