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New account because my old one glitched out and I can't log into it.

rip my original account i guess
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Jame_Save_Only please come here
aren't you the triggered one, running to an admin the second someone calls you out on your shit?
csgo cheaters needed here
not game breaking, but can give an unfair advantage
r8 my GF
you can reverse search it and find that it's a generic image of someone else
I mean... if he cheated a long time ago (which I'd assume is the case because he doesn't cheat now) then what's the point in getting him banned from valve tournaments? All that does is ruin someone wh...
fans of pro CS act as if they hate pro CS. They're always talking about how shit it is, how shit all the teams are, and how annoying whatever the current best team is. Still though, I think it's the ...
Heroic vs AVANGAR
again, he is inconsistent, much like JUGi. Heroic are trying to get to that next tier of cs teams and having a player like mertz isn't going to help them get there. It's the same reason why he was kic...
Heroic vs AVANGAR
true, but it's not uncommon for teams to go for yet to be proven talent when their current teammates aren't working out, and given how good NaTo has looked, it's unsurprising that they are going for a...
Heroic vs AVANGAR
mertz is a flashy player but he's way too inconsistent, and can never be a good stable awper for a top level team. If Heroic want to get to the next level, they are going to need a consistently good a...
Top 3 girls you wish did porn
Top 3 girls you wish did porn
w o o o s h
Top 3 girls you wish did porn
TOP 1 Baiter
and yet everyone shouting "cold is a baiter" and "Jame is a baiter" are saying it because they believe it's a bad thing. I'm not going to assume whether you fall under that category, but I will say t...
Top 3 girls you wish did porn
Top 3 girls you wish did porn
yessir yessir game of thrones was much better with her on it
TOP 1 Baiter
I have, and I'm seeing from this conversation that you don't know what a baiter is vs. a team strategy. For one thing, TACO could absolutely not be getting these multikills. No matter how good of a po...