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Which pistol do you buy
Uhhh depends on how much money I have in the force buy round. 1500 to 1900 usually So based off that. CT - kev ( No helmet) kit, smoke, p250 T - kev ( No helmet ), smoke, flash, Deagle
Is vitality doomed?
Hadji is an okay tier 2 player, Idk whose supposed to IGL for vita now, but hope its not shox or apex, they're both bots anymore. Zywoo and Alex were the saving grace of vita, altho aint gonna lie R...
MIBR roster after major
Fallen Fer Biguzera Hardzao Taco Keep the core, get rid of meyern and kng add young up and coming Brazilians to keep the " made in Brazil " correct in terms 🖓
hltv ranking today
Astralis mouz fnatic Navi Liquid G2 EG Should be close to the current Top 7.
Dexter to 100T??
-grat +Sico -liazz +Dexter Roster: Dexter IGL Sico Awp AZR lurker Jkaem entry Jks support / refragger
Make a second Danish Superteam!
I built 3 different teams tbh Team 1 ( MSL IGL ) MSL Kjaerbye Konfig Valde Acor Team 2 ( blameF IGL) BlameF Kjaerbye Konfig Aizy Acor Team 3 ( karrigan IGL) Karrigan Kjaerbye Konfig BlameF ...
-apEX +who?
I suppose you're right, but kio has always shined with a good team around him.. Heretics suck, so therefore he is going to as well. But i didn't want to take jackz from g2
-apEX +who?
-apex -shox +kio +scream
I didn't see that interview either, makes a little more sense now considering he was brought in to replace guardian, always thought it was stupid he wasn't main awping
He was brought in to be the awp, but NiKo didn't have faith in him against tier 1 teams yet, I bet he regrets that decision now!! Kids nuttier than I expected, but hella happy for him to finally p...
ENCE suNny
Zehn and Madden have been the stars of GODSENT, while styko and krystal have been great support. Mak is the weakest link rn, they could definitely use a better awper but still. Solid mixed team
NiP fix
Get rid of bot rez -rez +hampus
Kick Rush
Obo is fine, rush definitely stood out as an underwhelming player... Dunno who they'd go for, to extend their " juggernaut " though
Faze impressive showing
I know a lot of people say they perform well at blast series, which is kinda true, but still, the way they're playing is just great to watch. Liquid might've choked, but it looked to me like fa...
Faze impressive showing
No crying here, I'm a fan of players, not teams. Happy they're starting to progress like they should though for real.