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New C9
Think they should move back to an all American Team tbh. Autimatic - Awp / rifler Fugly - support Zellsis - lurker Nifty - IGL / 2nd awp Rush - entry
BIG Fix??
Gob b to coach Tabsen to IGL syrson Tizian xantares Denis/ nex
Best swedish team possible rn
Forest Flusha Krimz Lekro Golden. Best Swedish line up that you could build.
OpTic top 10?
They need to swap players with North. -snappi +valde for Optic - valde + snappi for North. Optic need more firepower between konfig and valde should work well. North needs a secondary caller to he...
- Bot Right + Flusha
Forest Lekro Getright Flusha Krimz Best case scenario if you ask me.
Best possible polish team
Honestly Devils.one -dycha +pasha
m4a4 or m4a1-s
Tbh ive played it once, didn't get a good feel for it, but it seems like it would be an m4a4 type map tbh. If I test it out more, I'll probably be more decisive with my response. Sorry my dude.
m4a4 or m4a1-s
Honestly for me personally, it depends on the map. Dust2, Cache, Overpass its m4a1 for me. Inferno, Mirage, Train and nuke its m4a4.
Forest Krimz Flusha Lekro Get right Ezpz
Top 5 NA players ATM
Autimatic Naf Ethan Twistzz Elige
Polish tier 1 team
Taz Pasha Rallen Michu Byali Probably not, but these are my fav polish players. So I just put them together in a team.
the ultimate superteam
IGL: gla1ve Rifler: fQrest Rifler: Flusha Awper: s1mple Rifler: xyp9x
arT Taco Coldzera Fer KngV Coach: zews Or Art Kscerato Yuriih Kng Felps Coach: zews/ fallen
Fnatic needs something but here I'll exclude players from NIP Krimz Golden JW Flusha Brollan
Greatest IGL of all time(csgo only)
I've clearly went year by year. There was a reason for that. Also pronax and gla1ve are tied for the best. Don't be too biased lul