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Best 16:0 in pro scene!
? xd you wanted to type Astrais 16-0 mibr I guess
AGO 200k dollars secured
Yea tehy can already buy you and your whole family lul Finlandian XD
502 Bad Gateway
yea exactly me too whats going on?
502 Bad Gateway
Whats going on with Steam guys? :O
VP IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GoGoGoPAPITO!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Oh wait... o.O
VP IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and? you think they care about this match? XDDDDDDDD Bro MAJOR- if you dont know what is it I can explain you MAJOR is most important trophy for whole cs:go world ALl players in this game dont care ao...
LUL i dont support ENCE what are you talinga bout kiddp btweven bot allu have more iq than you baindead waterwall ;) XDDD "poorlak" your stereotypes are rly funny kidddo and your nation is rly nice.. ...
they forfeit this idiot
You are baindead>? Xdddd american football older than real football? LUL You must be rly dumb bro Your soccer su*k so much tho ;) FOOTBALL best sport ever and thats all
lul? rly? Imo AleksiB >>>>Karrigan :) and the best IGL I think everyone know its Gla1ve ;)
Faceit sucks
Yea me tooo.. Its rly annoying bro
Faceit sucks
? You are braindead ?
gla1ve lmao
Why he's shaking with his hands so much ? Is he autist ? Is he trying to tell us : GUYS I HAVE HANDS LOOK . Maybe he's trying hyping up the crowd . If he wants to be karrigan then it's too late cuz he...
Dupreeh REAL HERO!
Yea bro Gla1ve imo best IGL... They have whole great team thats why they are top1 in history of cs :)