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Colossus' Star Player
woxic doesn't have what it takes to be a star player. He's very inconsistent and while he has amazing highs, his lows are border-line pathetic.
Polish tier 1 team
Polack scene suffers from horrible management. They don't have tier 1 mentality and just like the Brazilians, they are making roster changes every 2-3 months expecting that 1 change is going to miracu...
compLexity after changes
It's almost certain we're gonna see some shuffles between faze-g2-c9-col. COL is very likely to pick up some Faze player. After NiKo departs, I doubt coldzera will want to stay, as playing with NiKo w...
Respect to Jason Lake
If he's as genuine in person as he comes across in media, he sure is the best Esports org CEO.
C9 Collosus OMEGALUL
Broky doesn't have to be an awper, to be honest he did better as just secondary awp and anchor on sites with coldzera
C9 Collosus OMEGALUL
c9 niko is not going to happen. All they can hope for is a leftover pickup from faze in Coldzera and maybe Broky
G2 niko is good but ...
Exactly^ The only move that doesn't involve removing 2 players is just removing amanek
faze prediction
I know they are, that's why I think after disbanding Faze is gonna leave its CSGO division for some time.
faze prediction
I don't think they are interested in tier 2/ tier1.5 NA team.
faze prediction
Faze is gonna disband and leave CSGO scene for sometime.
NiKo's price
Higher than cold's, so probably 1.2m
G2 KOVAC COUSINS - Will it work?
I mean I knew it was gonna happen, even if the photo was a joke, it was the only right move that NiKo had left for him. Just ditching the whole FaZe project and anyone in it and moving to G2. I just h...
G2 NiKo
coldzera is gonna join c9, possibly with broky