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Band of Brothers
Never watched.
need help plzz [18+]
I can only say I write lyrics for quite some time! No tags put on.
need help plzz [18+]
Pretty average. I tried to find the girl who won me instantly but it might be in vain. What's yours will come to you, someone else's will keep away.
People you instantly lose respect for
What a ridiculous thread. Gathered all possible sins of himself just to feel better over his insecurities. I will regret for posting here but you're still a kid with the most common traits.
Have u ever unboxed knife?
Unlucky boyko.
Everything turns for worse, not just politics. It's always been muddy.
HLTV user you love?
Jovik with 170 level on Steam, impossible to miss out. I'm on the phone and it is slightly messy to operate with it but that's all you need.
Next CS Update
Remove CS:GO from all known platforms and base down in CS:S.
What a way to boast about your knowledge. Kids never change. I thought you needed somebody...
HLTV user you love?
Hate is a strong word, there's no one really deserving to be really hated, acting acknowledged it's a rare occurrence.
HLTV user you love?
Add me on Steam, I'm not looking for one night stand. We might turn into real friends! And there's solution to everything.
I like the one with hearty eyes and dreaming stare...
HLTV user you love?
Talk about it if you need, I lend my ears.
HLTV user you love?
Words. You won't do when you know me better nor will I love you with your state of mind. But thanks for caring.
I am Blue dee
Don't let them do ooh ooh ooh oo-it to you...