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What the hell am I suppose to write here ?
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3-2 vitality
Good Call
FURIA remove Hen1
HEN1 never went to MiBR, it was LUCAS1
Road to 1000 comment
I mean, is there any good NA IGL available with decent fraging ability ? Like what, you want to remove him to add another FPL star and give the responsability to one of the core member of the team so ...
Create unique teams
LDLheretiCs (What kind of good name can you make with LDLC ?) hAdji bodyy Lucky Kioshima SIXER if Lucky doesn't want to IGL we can replace Kio with either DEVIL or Lambert (who both seem like terribl...
respect triumph and chaos
https://www.dbltap.com/posts/sources-chaos-esports-club-exploring-professional-cs-go-exit-01eqnswpdyyy Chaos looking to quit is really sad, after so many rooster change they finally have a fine rooste...
ECLOT vs Entropiq
2-0 Expected from bubzkji and the best org of all time NOREG !
KennyS> Niko
So this is Kenny reaction when people say that Niko will take over the AWP and then he will take the IGL role
Flashpoint playoffs Q
Well the best I can do now is give a bump and hope a guy who know the response answer +bump
Flashpoint playoffs Q
Sorry, I misread it and gave you usless information. Please forgive me for wasting your time.
Flashpoint playoffs Q
So MAD; Fnatic; BiG; MiBR; VP & OG qualifed for playoff DIG; forZe; Gen.G arrived at 3rd place therefore earning a place in Last Chance And c0ntact; Envy; C9 finished last place and I guess between t...
Flashpoint playoffs Q
So if Liquidpedia is correct Group Stage: All 1st & 2nd placed team advance to the Playoffs All 3rd placed teams proceed to the Last Chance Stage The best 4th placed team proceeds to the Last Chance S...
I find it funny that they invited 3 team to complete the participants and they all won the group stage over the founding member
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Heretics
It's the new Heretics coach https://twitter.com/HereticsUpdate/status/1328772548348289025
queens gambit
That doesn't mean that the character played is