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NoChance 5th
NoChance 5th
Notre très chère Dame
If something is on fire as much as the Notre Dame is right now, no plan can escape reality, you're fucked.
Notre très chère Dame
I guess that's what happens when you have a huge building made of wood. I would guess all it would have taken would have been a worker to drop lit cigarette and it set the place alight. Just look at w...
Notre très chère Dame
If it was an accident then for sure that's really bad. But it would be really tragic for someone to think they have the right to destroy a historic building that has meaning to the French.
Notre très chère Dame
Was probably KennyS dropping one of his cigarettes on the roof... No but in all seriousness I really hope this was not an act of terrorism.
Astralis vs Cloud9
yep VICE is really good
Nothing better than only being able to watch one of three matches played at a time.
Use multitwitch if you're so desperate, then you can have all 3 streams on at once
Assuming this isn't bait, from what I understand the reason it was so blurry was due to the distance this black hole is away (ofc). To get this level of image they needed a single telescope the size o...
Honestly I think Stan would be a great fit for all sorts of team right now. I could see him doing well in: Cloud9, NRG, Faze. And maybe also in teams like ghost and fnatic.
144HZ Monitor
For sure in the long term g-sync/freesync isn't a permanent solution. As the input lag is so minimal I would still say the benefits of 144hz vastly outweighs the slight input lag. In the long term he ...
144HZ Monitor
Incorrect. V-Sync does indeed have input lag because it is software based. Due to G-Sync and Freesync being hardware based on the nvidia and amd gpu's respectively, they do not produce any input lag.
144HZ Monitor
If you have a 10 or 20 series nvidia gpu then I'd recommend the AOC G2590FX. Pretty cheap and is g-sync compatible which won't make dropping below 144 fps a problem. If you dont have a nvidia gpu / on...
wtf men 0/8