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AWPer team
ZyWoo s1mple N/A N/A N/A
thorin: Imagine being someone who bought Chicago tickets to see MiBR play.
“Cry is free" is one constantly used sentence to users who are complaining about something. But what most don't know, is that this sentence is actually a huge lie. As far as we know, tears consist of ...
This Major
Well Liquid has only been amazing for a couple months now, before that Astralis crushed them. They’re not perfect 24/7, Astralis was better and even they have problems (clearly cuz of the drop off lol...
Respect Liquid
NAF fell off hard this year actually, kinda just regaining his level. And there’s no argument to say that Astralis hasn’t dropped off, they’re clearly not playing as well as they were before. Astralis...
prime astralis vs liquid
Agreed. Astralis clearly isn’t in their prime anymore and I think its pretty clear when they were they were near untouchable but if Liquid continues on this trajectory I think it would be really inter...
Ye dennis pistol god
Coldzera still no1?
this is video game forum u know maybe go to cricket forum
Don’t need high level maths to figure out that you lost kid :D
NiP come on
MiBR can’t even do that why should they get invites?
top 20 players of 2019 (LEAK!!)
Allu’s pretty consistent and so is Aleksib, I’ve seen it at the major and BLAST now, but maybe ur right and Aerial will change my mind at StarSeries
the ultimate superteam
Makes sense, altho I still think maybe cold and niko could switch or add xyp and remove cold if he continues to go down with MiBR
top 20 players of 2019 (LEAK!!)
Also the players in it lol
the ultimate superteam
Yeah tbh idk what he’s on about shox used to be really incredible but on average he just hasn’t hit his peak enough.
the ultimate superteam
NAF, Twistzz, dev1ce, s1mple, coldzera, dupreeh, gla1ve, Magisk, electronic, KennyS, ZyWoo, NiKo, f0rest, Krimz, tabseN
the ultimate superteam
I feel like Xyp9x is a better support option than NiKo, he seems like a big personality and idk how he would react to not having a star role in the team. There’s not really room for his fragging with ...