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Top 20 players 2018: 5th
NICO TOP 1 2018
Its safe to say s1mple has by far the best stats, is almost as good as dev1ce’s personal awards and is more impressive, and definitely not as good as dev1ce’s team stats. For me, that puts s1mple high...
NICO TOP 1 2018
I like Astralis but I find it kinda aggravating that people try to say that dev1ce is the best player. He deserves 2nd this year but s1mple as a player is just more impressive.
Female CS
One 1v1 isn’t that impressive tho FPL shows that you can be consistent at a top level with people who are pro players or at the same skill, it would be a lot more legit if she could qualify
Top 10 predictions
S1mple Dev1ce NiKo Dupreeh Electronic Magisk Naf Cold Gla1ve Krimz
Niko should be top 2
Well devve is gonna be top 2 for sure and s1mple is the other so rip but honestly skill wise I think NiKo is #2 but his achievements just don’t match it this year
maybe top 10
Yes of course, i try not to be rude. NAF just seems like a really good player to me like I think he could be the best in NA right now
maybe top 10
Swap gla1ve and dupreeh, swap cold and NAF, and that’d be my list
Top 20 2018 (my list)
Ah ye I agree just try to avoid triggering the people who think Twistzz 3 months > NAF year and tbh it makes almost no sense
Top 20 players 2018: 11th
Top 20 players 2018: 12th
Remaining 13 players
Krimz was like coldzera this year, during his team’s ups he was insane and during their downs he carried them thru matches
Top 20 2018 (my list)
It seems like u just ignored all of Mousesports... I’m not sure how you can put Stewie above Sunny or Ropz and Twistzz vs NAF is debatable but idk I’d say NAF better this year
Top 20 players 2018: 14th
National Super Teams.
Finland no igl