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Make money by coding, double it with betting xD
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Heroic vs G2
It's never luck It's skill. They throw and make a comeback xD Just G2 things. Going G2 to win both maps straight
fnatic vs Heroic
If fnatic doesn't win this game, I'll sell kidneys to pay for my loans
Get your grammar right mate. -Grammar detective.
G2 at cs summit
G2 is inconsistent man. They give Astralis run for the money But lose against tier 2-3 teams randomly.
Renegades vs Sharks
Sharks give me some free 💰 money
HAVU vs Ancient
Sucks m8
FURIA vs Vitality
Betting $100 on vitality. Eziest bet of my life
People who speak multiple languages come here
I know English, hindi, kannada and telugu. The last three being indian regional languages. It's easy to learn a new language. First learn the common words,then try building the grammar around it. Talk...
mousesports vs FaZe
Faze revenge 💯. Betting my last items on them. #fazeup
NRG vs G2
Does an Indian cheering for G2 count. Well, I guess that's implicit.
Hindus come here
It's mostly priority basis. Some community prefer to celebrate some festival in a grand manner compared to other. They celebrate other Hindu festival too, but in a light mood. We can clearly see that ...
G2 vs Valiance
Are G2 preparing for train or is it just that Shoxy is God in it.
AGO vs Windigo
G2-fnatic Quick 2-0 for G2 Kennys pops off. Best parting gift to body
BIG vs Vitality
Kennys bro. I've had Kennys as my steam ign for the first 1000hrs when I played csgo. We just loved his playstyle. I'm talking 4 years ago scenes. We are die hard suckers for KennyS, Shoxy, Scream.