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LIQUID ERA ?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!
But it was better
I guess you can say that it was 'easy' cause all the injured players but even like that gs is strong and whoever thinks raptors dont deserve the final probably also forgets everything that happened be...
Winstrike 5 rounds in T side
Bo7 btw
That doesn't change that the Grüne will make things even worse imo.
Grüne is the kind of party that cares for the environment and wants to get rid of coal power plants etc. However they see the problems but don't have good solutions so they would fuck over our economy
Games to play on PC
I can second that
Nip Can win ECS season 7
Not everyone. I'm just happy that they play tournaments like this with the current lineup. NiP is capable of beating teams but everyone who expects them to beat top teams just lives in another reality...
Help me with girlfriend problem mens(((
tldr for my answer: you both kind of underestimate how hard that kind of relationship can be though I believe it is mostly her “fault“
nba finals
It would also be good for him if gsw looses when kd doesn't play a game
First Anime
Depends on what you're into. Is it more like fantasy, thrillers, action or plot?
First Anime
It goes from actually good to utterly shit in a few episodes. Just like half of the first season is 'good'
First Anime
Don't touch that ever if you are sane.
nt prakod
rockets will win tonight
kd carryed the warriors until now. With that injury it should be a 4-3 series for Rockets but they definetly win tonight