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Chaos vs Mythic
Becuz every other team could not beat a stream team .
Wizards vs Wisla Krakow
kvik kicked ?
Chaos vs Mythic
nah , i ain't comparing , just listing the reasons on why chaos should take this 3-0 .
Chaos vs Mythic
This idiot is baiting for replies mens , just ignore him and move on .
Chaos vs Mythic
This just shows how shit na mdl is . i Love mythic but come on , how does salaried teams not beat them .
Chaos vs Mythic
Chaos got a free win now , they better thank mythic for this . They get a map advt , map pool advt , have better skilled players and mythic just played , they should not lose this .
Mythic vs Recon 5
U forgotten than this is na mdl , no one watches mythic demo's here except for chaos
Mythic vs Recon 5
Polen planted the bomb (2on0) Round over - Winner: T (1 - 0) - Enemy eliminated Keiti killed jet- with glock Keiti killed Reality with glock (headshot) Polen killed JazzPimp with glock (headshot) Real...
Mythic vs Recon 5
neptune jumping awp noscope to win the game , wtf
Chaos vs Mythic
Mythic has always been chaos kryptonite , every single time they play against each other mythic has always been able to take more than 8+ rounds against chaos
New England Whalers vs Mythic
every one on mythic except for davey
Chaos vs Levitate
whatever witch hunter , whatever you say .
RBG vs Chaos
No way chaos lose to this advanced team .
MIBR vs Chaos
What was the odds and how much did you win ?
Yeah vs MIBR
Mibr defo calling Yeah to throw , Don't bet on this match guys .