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-suNny +Aleksib
Old ence with sunny didn’t work because the other players were too bad. Sunny did his part well back then and so he got into a better team. Ence with sunny could work even now, but they need an igl. I...
ENCE aleksiB
It still was a really stupid roster change. All this hate is really all ence's fault.
They really did fuck things up by kicking aleksib
Was just thinking about this. Sad to see such an interesting team be ruined like that without no logical reason.
3700x or 9700k
I don't really see what you mean. In many games cpu does not really matter which is why the difference is not big. But in cpu heavy games such as csgo the difference can be tens or even over a hundred...
[+18] Do people actually do this?
Have you considered hitting the gym?
3700x or 9700k
I mean ryzen is a great option for budget gaming, but intel is superior in gaming performance. Higher end ryzen cpus are really good for productive work though.
Get_RIght was the problem
The point is that he was not irrelevant in 2013-2016 as the other guy was saying
S1mple is a nonamer by this logic
Ence was made of nonamers and they still made it to top2
bernie sanders agaisnt HLTV
It works exactly like that.
I mean I am going to play it and like it but it is way too vibrant still
Ence fix
I mean you know how roles in cs work? x7 is the best support player in finland right now
What do you think about iPhones
A really good phone but quite a bit too expensive
I agree on faze but saying niko ruined mouz is just wrong. Niko basically was mouz and without him the team would have been completely irrelevant.