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he should've gotten a team in 2014 or 2015 already but yeah, he ruined his career long time ago already
he already said that he wants to be a stand-in forever, whenever somebody needs him
Czech Republic
Who cars is it FatardiaN or oskar. Same shit
Finland maybe not real?
Finland is a meme smh my head
bathing with my sister
Its perfectly fine until your sister get pregnant, if she has the pregnort then its fucked up Have been bathing with my sis since we were 13 and 14. Now we are 26 and 27
Drug dealing
who cars
Drug dealing
i got famous by killing a cop >start selling coke >get caught by selling to a cop >kill cop on the way to police station >??? >famous drug dealer
Lithuania come here
What is lithuania
What do other countries think about Finland?
Sauna 120C no problem bro. I weight 70kg and i can drink a case of beer alone with evening (0.33x24 5.2%) And like half litre traditional estonian vodka. Come at me bruh
Best Movie Ever
Cars 2 Shrek anthology Garry Potnqi Requiem for a dream Blow Pinocchio
Ence so lucky
Chinese maffia average duck is 9cm xddd
suNny addicted to flakka?
Long time ago knowink that suNny (Miga champi) is a heardkore drung addickt. He even had aphetamines p1mples in a LAN turney widh mouz
Hahaha and they sayng aleksiP problem))) Vichy is the probleem!!! :Dddd
But who shoter wall? Hahah sergeyy moonst)) Vichy no chance agenst moonst ence > players Fuckink teams
What do other countries think about Finland?
No u dont get more drunk than us. What we will lose to russians? Wtf finski u already drunk out of 2 ciders?