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OG HLTV ID 1100022

Dead profile lmao (From almost famous to nonamer :)))

Old names: Disband_Is_Mibr_Only_Fix, PRONAX_3_MAJOR_DEVICE_2_MAJOR, S1MPLELELE, RTXs,

If you read this text you will regret it but go for it men)))

Im feeling thank you
18Yrs old. Before you start ranting about fake flagging. No im not fake flagger i live in Iceland but was born in Finland and have lived most of my life in Finland
I can speak Finnish and Iceland both but i speak Finnish fluently. Iceland is still in progress but i can speak pretty well.

You can copy some of these things under this to your profiler bio. Also spread the lie that Finland exists its important (((IMPORTANT TEXT HERE --> btw i know you didnt read any and just skipped here because you saw these things --> ( ) <-- So im gonna waste your time for that :) )))

Sometime lose, always win
Ez katka

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