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mouz and faze fix
-frozen -chrisj +rain +olof
I r8 your favourite cs match.
FaZe vs Astralis IEM Sydney 2018, all 3 of the maps were really entertaining
Worst/inappropriate knife attempts in professional csgo
It was Seized
HLTV game [2]
Fifa 19 is scripted?
Depends on how you define scripting. If you mean before the game it's just like "Ok the away team is gonna win 3-1" then no, but if you mean certain events in game like pressing, passing, composure an...
Best/ worst Crowd
Best: BLAST Pro Series Lisbon Worst: PLG Grand Slam Abu Dhabi
Astralis HATE ??
Well the fact you pointed my post out as "lie of the year" made it obvious you were an Astralis fan. Just because the level of CS they are playing is super high, doesn't change the fact that watching ...
Astralis HATE ??
Judging by your recent posts you're clearly an Astralis fan/biased towards Danish teams. Astralis are arguably the best team of all time at this point but that doesn't change the fact they play smart,...
Astralis HATE ??
Nobody hates them, they're just boring to watch
Summary of this major
Actually was a good major imo but the final kinda ruined it.
fnatic and nip era>astralis era
I think it depends on how you view it, NiP's era was more dominant but there was less competition, but Astralis' era is not as dominant (yet) however the level of competition is higher than it was bac...
Give xyp his dang MVP!
It's gonna be Magisk.
Boring Final
Stopped watching at 9-0, it's so unbelievably boring. I don't hate Astralis, but they play a very boring style of CS which makes it hard to watch. It's not their fault at all for being too good, it's ...
Boring final ever?
I would say maybe the Na'Vi v Astralis one was more boring but honestly it was so boring I don't remember. This was probably the most disappointing one though, such a great major until this point but ...
It's not because of the seeding, it's just because the high ranked teams underperformed