I’m from USA. My goal is to focus on Muslim-Christian relations.

Hope to bring Muslims and Christians together and be friends. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that it is obligatory for every Muslim to protect churches of the Christians and make sure they have a place to worship. That Quran states that no place where Allah is mentioned can be destroyed by Muslims. If Umar (RA) wanted to, he would have destroyed all churches but he was a just ruler. When the Muslims had reconqured Jerusalem, many Muslims wanted churches to be destroyed but the Muslim ruler followed the way of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and allowed Christians and Jews to worship freely.

Do not confuse modern day ‘Muslim’ countries with Islam. They are not very Islamic. True sharia law dictates that only Muslims are subject to the law of the Quran and it’s punishment. Christians and Jews along with other communities could set up their own courts and laws independently during the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as long as they did not break any constitution they were under. Muhammad (SAW) even used the Torah to punish a Jewish man. Umar (RA) let Zoroastrians to have incest marriages (brother and sister) although it is forbidden in Islam. Also, a non-muslim could eat pork, drink alcohol and do drugs. Only the Muslims were forbidden to do that. Islam is actually a free market system. I should also mention that Non-Muslims, specifically free adult men, had to pay a 2.5% tax to be protected under Muslim rulers. Muhammad (SAW) even allowed Christians to pray in his Mosque.
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