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Unlucko manlucko
Im from kebabistan ty for visiting my profile
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which is the worst nationality in cs go?
I really dont like playing with my country the reason is turkish players have decent aim and if youre lucky you can get a aimstar on your team but the problem is theyre toxic they never shift and they...
DH Final
they lost bro calm down
you talked about the stats so I responed I know hes not the mvp atm If big wins tabsen will be the mvp surely
man last match he played with 1.28 raiting tizi 1.35 1 player 1.30 1 player 1.30 than xantares with 1.28 he played well dont be a hater
FPL Come here
Im sure that they wont kick players like xantares or calyx
Most overrated player right now?
not really hes not that bad actually the main problemis his team bro his team is literal ass
name 2 pros with something in common
name 2 pros with something in common
god awp
Most overrated player right now?
bro he says right now xantares isnt overrated rn. Hes good online bad lan god aim no brain everyone knows that sooooooo fairly rated
6th is Jame
6th is electronic bruh
BIG fix
big doesnt play lan sadly :( and he has 1+ raiting on lan hater is hater anyways
BIG fix
xantares carries the game goes 30 10 still haters : bro hes bad online play lan xdd
Best IGL in your country
good crosshair to shoot deagle headshots
I dont care the look of it I use a veryyyy high sensitivity and maybe thats why I use the deag good but when I switched to his crosshair I got the consistensy your choice tho.
good crosshair to shoot deagle headshots
1024 stretched