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Format System
And in what way is this better than the current format? Okay, it's easier to understand, but is that the point, or is it to have the most fair format? You somehow forgot to reflect on my argument abou...
who win major?
Cs has survived since 1999, what other game has in the same way? The hype around apex will die down in a few months, but cs will still have the same amount of players and viewers (or more) in years. I...
r8 my pick'em (safe points)
No ence lulul
Most TITLES 2019
What kind of a question is that? Obviously Ence
Format System
That's the dumbest thing I've heard in a while. Drawing four groups is already about luck, just look at cologne 2016, the last major with groups. Secondly, you're suggesting 12 bo1 in every group, whi...
IBP Masters
all bo1 groups west coast timezone maybe I watch a map, honestly eu minor is better because the teams actually try to win rather than trying out new stuff
major winners
ence obviuosly
FaZe 2020
won't even make it to the minor
who is #3???
Csgoplayer2013 most likely
Why mouz lost
This was literally the first lan of this lineup
Niko > dev1ce
Hltv top20 isn't about individual skill tho, but about their performance in 2018
mouz -styko +karrigan
That could be great, but I'm secretly hoping that nip will get him instead (-dennis)
FaZe ChrisJ
shit like this should never happen to a top4 team
CIS Minor unnecessary??
and why the fuck do you mind if they have a separate minor or not? Their teams have gone far so they deserve it. You can't deny that it's exciting to watch that cis team that does better than people e...