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danking so good individually..
Camel Riders vs TYLOO
tyloo 5 70ping CR 4 80ping 1 100ping
Dignitas vs fnatic
Swedish never choke?
Astralis vs fnatic
flusha should've been top1 2014..
OG vs fnatic
local Chinese answer any question about china
China is so big and she has countless cultures. Actually China is as big as EU and has more or less length of history. There are also ppl in China who never eats pork or never eats meat. I think even ...
local Chinese answer any question about china
We eat chicken, beef, pork etc. everyday. Dog meal is ok to me. But there's no dog meat in markets. Only few restaurant cooks dog. I eat dog maybe once a year,when I want to have some Korea food.
local Chinese answer any question about china
Dog dishes are on the menu. It's delicious and safe. They breed dogs for meal. I also kept a pet dog. I was sad when he died. I don't feel any contradictions. In China and Korea there are many ppl ag...
local Chinese answer any question about china
In a few regions of China, ppl eat dogs. For example cities close to North Korea (It' an old tradition of Koreans ). The number might be 5% in these regions (including me). In other regions ppl can't ...
wtf was that
Natus Vincere vs forZe
really? this is too braindead to me
Natus Vincere vs forZe
forze is good and navi has serious commu issue
Natus Vincere vs BIG
s1mple best player ever touches this game (CSGO)
G2 vs Natus Vincere
yes Nuke ct sided dust2 t sided.same pick by astralis yesterday.